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Competition Schedule

9/30/19 2018-2019 Mayo Business Plan Competition information session. Thursday, September 27, 6:00, Business Building Lounge

Registration opens for “Intent To Compete.” As few as one TCNJ student can register an “Intent To Compete.” Because more teams competing requires more first-round judges, the “Intent To Compete” helps us approximate the number of judges needed. If you “think” you might want to compete then register.

11/29/19 Registration for “Intent To Compete” closes. Registration after this date requires an exceptional situation and the Dean’s approval (e.g., an illness or unusual study abroad situation).

12/16/19 Complete MBPC team registration. Each team registered will be asked to confirm final team membership by this date. Confirmation of team membership can be made prior to this date but not after this date. As a reminder, each team must be comprised of no less than two and no more than four current TCNJ students.

1/24/20 Business plans submitted (via the website). Absolute due date; no exceptions. Business plans evaluated by two to three judges using the Evaluation Rubric. Maximum plan length: 20 pages, double- spaced 11 or 12 font, plus additional charts and tables (max additional five pages). Plan should be submitted as a PDF (not a Word or Excel file). A short video (no more than three minutes) describing the concept and likely target market(s) is strongly suggested though not required.

2/14/20 Six teams invited to revise business plan and advance to semi-finals.

2/28/20 Semi-finalist teams submit revised business plans for judges.

3/4/20 Semi-finalist teams give a live 20-minute, uninterrupted presentation before judges, followed by a 10 minute Q&A.

3/13/20 Three of six semi-finalist teams invited to revise plans and advance to finals.

3/30/20 Finalist teams submit revised business plans for judges.

4/1/20 Final presentations before judges, maximum 30 minutes, questions from judges allowed throughout time period.

*Dates subject to change*